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If you are here then I want you to know you are here for a reason. My name is Eileen Rouse and I am a Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Coach. I empower women to embrace and embody their Divine Essence so they can own and stand in their power. My purpose is to be of service to women like you. I know the struggle first hand that we as women face on a daily basis. We struggle with feeling inadequate, unsure, confused on what we want and often feel not good enough furthering our resolution that we are meant to be where we are. As women we are preconditioned to be selfless, nurturing, caring, and giving. We do this day in and day out and have no problem giving it to others yet we never find the time to do the same for ourselves. I have been coaching and advising women for nearly 7 years and my passion is watching women THRIVE. I love seeing them soar beyond their wildest dreams and being surprised at how STRONG, CONFIDENT, PASSIONATE, and EMPOWERING they can become when they simply learn to BELIEVE and TRUST in themselves.

As women we all have our own story, we eat, live and breathe that story every day. My desire as your Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Coach is to help you create a NEW STORY. A story so magnificent you will jump out of bed with joy, excitement and anticipation to LIVE in that story every day. Discovering your Divine True Essence is a journey, one that is required in order for you to learn to LOVE yourself the way you have always wanted to be loved — UNCONDITIONALLY. Join me on a journey of a lifetime as I offer you opportunities of growth, expansion, and FREEDOM to become who you have always wanted to become.

Interview on Close Up Radio

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