The endless journey

Six years ago when I started a weight loss journey I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I believed that everything would be simple and quick. Now, here I am in 2016 and I am still not where I want to be in life. I’m especially not where I want to be weight wise but in reality I’m closer than I was six years ago. 

When I started this journey I didn’t realize that life would get in the way. Life happened and before I knew it my priorities had changed. This happens to all of us at some point in our life and when it does we usually aren’t prepared for it. In fact sometimes it just sneaks up on you like a stealth ninja in the dead of night. 

Back then my goal of losing weight was simply for all of the wrong reasons. I was convinced that losing weight would solve all of my problems in life but I’ve now learned that isn’t the case. My dream of being thin was driven by a desire to fit in and be what everyone wanted me to be. Each time I tried something new I’d lose interest and fall off the bandwagon. 

Now that I look back on my journey I realized that I never succeeded because my desires for losing weight were misconstrued. I had no passion for wanting to better myself. I had no desire to do this for me, it more for pleasing someone else. The love for myself was non-existent. Somewhere along the way my desire for thinness faded and my desire for wellness began. 

I want to develop a life of health and wellness and share it with the world. I want to empower, inspire, encourage and motivate others to create a balance in their life that promotes a sense of well-being. I might be starting fresh today but I’ve learned that this journey is far from over. The truth is, it’s just begun. I invite you to join me as I share with you my journey to greatness. I don’t know what that is yet but when I get there I’ll know. For now remember to Be Awesome, Challenge Yourself and more importantly Believe In Yourself!  

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