There is only light

Every time we enter a new year we get excited about new beginnings, new adventures, and for some of us a fresh start. For me 2020 is a year of balance and creativity, imagine my surprise when I ask for divine guidance and get a message I’ve heard before and felt I was being played. “there is only light”, was the card I drew and while I sat in my chair and looked at it I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the message.

How often has this happened to us, we get excited about a fresh start and now that a new year has begun we hope for something different yet the message of divine wisdom is the same as the year before? Can you feel where I’m going with this? Despite being disappointed with the card I drew, I sat quietly and held it in my hand and asked for further clarification.

Everything in this universe and life contains a piece of light. The light is the source of all that we seek. How many times do we fumble around in the dark, looking or searching before we THINK to turn on the light? The truth is the light was never turned off, we simply couldn’t see it, even though it was there all along. This right here brings back so many memories of 2019 when I felt I was alone in the dark. When we struggle, or stumble we feel isolated and alone and many times we simply ask to be shown the way.

We simply ask for a light, but what exactly is the light and where does it come from? Many people fear the dark but the dark is simply the opposite of the light. I call my dark the unknown. The light is what we know and what we have experienced, it is what we often feel comfortable with and is considered safe. The dark is needed in order for light to exist. It’s a balance for one cannot be without the other.

You are never without the light, and you are never without the dark. When situations, circumstances, and life align in your path it is because you are in perfect balance in both light and dark – (the known and the unknown). You are both light and dark, you know part of yourself within this life and there are parts of you that are still unknown. This makes me feel better about how to face so much of 2020 that is still unknown to me. So I’m sure by now you’re asking, why am I sharing this with you.

Well, remember my question earlier about what and where the light comes from? The light is everything around and within you. It comes from the one place that ignites both passion and desire in our bodies, our heart center. Your heart is the center of where the light lives. But do not be fooled for darkness dwells there to. When your in the dark it doesn’t mean you’re lost of fallen off course. It simply means you must find the source within to light your way. Source is your happiness and joy, what creates your spark everyday? What brings you joy? Always remember as above, so below (light, dark – known – unknown). That which you see, you are, and that which you are, you see. 


Welcome to the light.

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