Good Morning fellow Lightworkers!

So far 2020 has turned out to be quite an interesting year. As of now, we are all under quarantine. This whole entire situation has pushed us out of our comfort zones in many ways. Many of us are working from home remotely, some of us have lost jobs entirely. Parents all around the world are home schooling their children and learning to experience the life of a teacher. We are all out of our comfort zones and yet we all express our reactions to this situation differently.

Since the beginning of 2020, the angels gave me a heads up that this was going to be the year of great change. Now, mostly when they provide me with this type of guidance I only look at it from my perspective. They have corrected me many times and told me to look at the messages of guidance and wisdom I receive from a global perspective. So here I am, stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and sharing their message with you.

Now, please keep in mind that I pray daily. I also meditate and have always had intuitive insight. The Angelic Realm is very real, and they communicate to those of us who wish to communicate with them. I’ve communicated with them since I can remember. I was the one person who actually had an imaginary friend that was 10-12 feet tall and always had a slight glow about them. They were loving and kind. They played me with me when no one else would and they were there for me when I needed them most.

When this whole pandemic began, I was guided intuitively to sit in my mediation cushion and just breathe. It was in that moment that I began what I would call a MAJOR download of massive consciousness. In layman’s terms I was being given instruction on how to share their messages with you despite my wishes of wanting to remain quiet about my gifts. So per their instruction, I began doing intuitive readings again, I created my own podcast where I share guided information on the angels, their messages weekly. Now, I’m here sharing this while in the background I am cringing.

This morning’s message is one that I was instructed to step aside and let them write through me so I channeled their message. Archangel Metatron has been the primary speaker lately so here is the message. I ask that you take with you what you want and leave the rest behind.

Dear Lightbeings,

This is Archangel Metatron, the angel of life. I come to you today through Eileen to deliver our message of oneness. Everything is connected to one ultimate source. The source, the ONE is constant, and stable in its being never wavering. It always is, and always was. When creating, it expands itself and whatever it touches it creates another being of itself; a being from the same source. You are all a part of that source. Source lives within you; but you’ve simply lost your way of hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing it is there. Source and its love and compassion for you is all around you. It’s in the tress, the birds that chirp every morning. It’s in the breeze that brushes across your face. It’s in your parents, children and family. It’s in the man that sits at the corner of the street begging for change.

It’s in every person, every being, both human and animal on this plane. Source whispers to you daily. Are you listening? You are all made in the likeness of this source, you simply cannot see it because you’re not seeing the truth of who you are. Source and the Angels are with you always. Now is the time to connect to the source that is deep within you. To connect with this beautiful, brilliant, golden light of source you simply start by looking within. Look deep within your heart and honor that part of you that is source. Let go of your fears about fitting in with others. Let go of the fears of judgement. Stop living your life through the eyes of other peoples perceptions. Feel the light source within you, hear the light source within you, see that light source, and BE that light source.

Everyone that is around you, is a part of you for you all are a part of the same source. Everyone is on the same path of finding their inner truth. You are all on the same path of ONENESS. Source accepts, loves, and cherishes you all equally. Source doesn’t see the color of your skin, your religious beliefs, your political choice, the person you love, how much you make, or where you come from. To source you are all the same. You are a part of the ONE. Remove the labels you have put on yourselves. Remove the chains and bonds you have put on yourselves. In this world, in this dimension labels only exist because you perceive them to be a part of your identity.

You are all of the same likeness, the same love, the same of everything. Listen to the inner calling of your heart. Listen to the whispers given to you by source, listen to its message of love and oneness. Everything has value. You have value. You are worthy of all that source provides and offers. Source is ETERNAL. Source is whatever you wish to call it, God, Buddha, Universe, Angels, etc. Source is one and the same to all. No matter what you call it, or align with know that source loves you. Source is always with you and there for you. Source is both outside of you and inside of you.

Source is both a part of you and is you. So in this time of need, of uncertainty, of discomfort listen to that inner whisper deep within you. Listen with your ears, your eyes and your heart. That calling, that whisper is where source reminds you that you are not alone. Source is here in the present, in the now waiting for you to hear its call. You are all one part of the whole, that whole is part of the source. Source is part of all that is and was, you are a part of that source expanded in both likeness and love being expressed in different ways. Acknowledge your differences but listen to your likeness and respond with LOVE.



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