JOY – for the month of May

Every new year I ask the angels to give me a glimpse of what the year will look like. I do this so I can have a point of focus for each month. For the month of May my point of focus is Joy. I’ll be honest and tell you that when I first got this card I was a bit perplexed. I immediately dreaded the worst and thought, ‘Well, looks like that is going to be a rough month.’ After thinking it I instantly regretted it because I knew that I had just created a new point of attraction. Believe it or not, I’m human just like everyone else and while I have angelic beings who speak to me daily I still have my own journey.


Now that we are in the month of May, I took time to contemplate the message because I know it’s more profound than just finding something to be happy about. The angels say that Joy is your natural state of being. I look back in my life and found more struggle, pain and stress than Joy but the angels said, “That is what you choose to see.” For many of us, we simply choose our current state of being because we were never told we could be joyful. Now, the angels know that we aren’t joyful all of the time but the lesson and message here is to remember that we always have a choice to choose Joy. We make conscious choices everyday by picking what to watch on television, or what to listen to on the radio. Joy is the same way, we have to choose the frequency of Joy. The full definition of Joy is ‘a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.’ What memories do you have in your memory bank right now that can help you find that joyful spark in your life?

Earlier this week, I experienced my first moment of blissful joy. It was so exhilarating that I was smiling the entire day. This joy and exhilaration is still with me today. The angels say that when you experience joy from a place of compassion you experience Heaven on Earth. Even though I talk to the angelic realm I’m still learning to navigate my way through the entire spirit world. Two years ago I lost someone very dear and near to my heart, my grandmother. She was one source of great joy in my life and every moment with her was like Heaven on Earth. After she passed I struggled to feel her presence, feel her spirit, or even see her in my dreams. Earlier this week after countless requests to see her, physically see her I finally got my chance one bright morning. I woke up from my dream elated and nearly in tears. She was just as I remembered her but younger. In this dream she gave me a necklace and told me that it was her gift to me as I venture into this new spiritual path I’ve taken.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking what this dream has to do with the message of Joy so let me explain. I always asked the angels to let me see her or feel her and all they ever responded with was, ‘ of course’. When it didn’t happen I would get angry, even bitter to some degree. In my dream, I remembered my grandmother say, “I’m always with you, you just choose to not acknowledge me in your heart.” You see, everything in life is energy and some form of frequency. The emotions we feel are simply a response from the frequency we are emitting out into our energy field and to the world. By choosing to remain bitter, or angry about not being able to see her, I consciously made a choice to dwell in that space. To be joyful means you must consciously make a choice to be joyful. At first it simply didn’t make sense to me, because as an Empath I feel intense emotions daily. But, how often do we choose one emotion over the other? Many times we don’t; we simply stay in one emotion until the next one comes up.

Joy lives in your heart space, or as I like to call it the center of your being. In my moments of sadness and anger I forgot to call up my joyful memories of her to help align me with the frequency of joy. The angels say that when you choose joy you empower yourself to align with your inner truth. Although, we are only on the first day of this month, I wonder what other aspects of joy I might learn. I end this piece with one question and a link to my podcast that includes a meditation to help you find joy. No matter what happens in your day to day choose joy. What do you love, and what do you choose in your life?

Podcast link below . Nameste!

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