“Going with the Flow

How many of us have heard the phrase, “Go with the flow.” As a spiritual coach and advisor, it is something I say often to my clients and it is something I have personally heard time and time again. Lately, I feel as if I personally have been doing just that, I have been going with the flow. Since taking the lead in my life and moving myself towards my goals and dreams, I have had to start following the flow of my soul.

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I do however; want to be clear about what ‘going with the flow’ really means and what the angels have to say about that phrase. We all have dreams, goals, aspirations or desires we want to achieve in life. If we want it bad enough, we will do whatever it takes to see it through. For me, my flow has been preparing my YouTube channel, perfecting my Podcast, writing better material for this blog and sparking insight and intrigue in those who want to grow spiritually.

Part of the YouTube channel

For the past four weeks, I have been working tirelessly on preparing for a chakra class that the angels and I will be teaching. This past Saturday we had our first set of students and it was exhilarating to see their eyes light up with excitement and a curiosity to learn and expand their consciousness. Getting the class material prepared, setting up the presentation as a teaching format (etc.) it all takes work. Detailed work and time that often takes away from other aspects of my day and life. Now, please no not misunderstand me, I love creating, after all I am a creator. It is one of the things that brings me the most joy. However, when I am in the process of doing, I often feel guilty for neglecting my wife and other areas of my life, but this is how my flow is flowing at the moment.

Me and the presentation of the class being done over Zoom due to Quarantine

It is in those small moments of guilt that the angels show up (Metatron to be exact) and present me with the insight of going with the flow. Especially in my case, since I took an oath of service to others. In order to be successful you must push against the stream of the norm. In this case, I am pushing against the stream of society and their view on spirituality in general. You see, there are many people both in my life and outside of my life that frown upon me openly talking about my abilities. Many of these people get the wrong idea about me and they often times make assumptions about me and my beliefs. Yes, I am referencing people placing judgement on me and what I am doing. What I find quite interesting is that many of us can relate to this particular situation, yet many of us do the same thing (place judgement) without even realizing it. We never stop to question ourselves as to why we feel the need to assume or judge someone else’s actions. We simply ‘go with the flow’ of society, or we flow with what we have always known our imposed beliefs.

Am I right? —

The angels say that the phrase, “Go with the flow,” actually has multiple meanings but we only see it from one or two perspectives. Everyone is on a journey while here on Earth. We each have a purpose, and multiple soul lessons we must learn in order to proceed to the next level. Believe it or not, the experiences we encounter in this life are testing our ability to expand our awareness and learn from our mistakes. We cannot move on to the next level until we have passed the level we are currently on. Just like when you are playing Super Mario Bro’s, and you are on the water level and you keep running into the puffer fish and dying. All you want to do is get passed the puffer fish but it keeps defeating you. Yes, that puffer fish is a lesson, you must get passed it in order to move on to the end of the level. Going with the flow can literally mean going with the flow of the stream or going against the flow. When faced with this phrase, the angels say its true meaning is different for everyone. How you ask, well it all depends on where you are in life, what lessons you are learning and what the next step is in your life.

So much truth

There are those who fight the stream of flow every step of the way. They resist the current and push passed it because they want to see change in their world. In many situations, these types of people want to be different and they want to stand out. They do what is required of them in order to get them to where they are going. However, when people witness these individuals being different they call them crazy or cynical. The angels say that fighting the stream is not a bad thing, in fact, those people fighting the stream and moving along their path in life are actually in alignment with their flow.


Now let us have a quick look at those individuals who are moving along with the flow of society but then decide they want something different. It is as if their is a stirring in their heart for something better. They soon begin to move against the stream but as soon as they hit rough water, they stop moving. The lack of movement encourages the individual to ‘ride the wave’, eventually carrying them to experiencing and witnessing new things. This experience all on its own presents them with questions they never thought of. They begin to question their actions, decisions and choices in life. They get so wrapped up on their thoughts that their flow eventually comes to a complete stop as it dead ends. Once the flow stops they begin to feel lost as they are no longer experiencing new things. When that lost feeling begins to sink in, they start holding on to regret and start observing everyone else around them with great envy. Some of these individuals move out of this dead end and some do not. The choice is ultimately up to them. No matter what they decide, they will at times blame society or others for their lack of flow.

Thought provoking —

The key here is to simply understand that ‘going with the flow’ means so much more than just riding the wave. Everyone of us has our own personal flow we need to be following. It is the flow of our soul. Not everyone’s flow is moving in the same direction. We each need to find our flow and move along with it by being aware of what we encounter while in that flow. It is important for us as spiritual beings to feel connected to our inner guidance. In order for us to understand what is needed for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth we need a strong connected flow to that inner guidance. Once we understand what is needed we can then determine which direction our own personal spiritual flow is going to align with it. If you are not in alignment with your soul or purpose then your phrase of ‘go with the flow’ means you are following the flow of others.

Are you in alignment?

Sometimes when you feel the urge to go against the grain it is because your flow (the flow of your soul) is in the opposite direction. That my friends is what we call resistance. I have often attributed this type of flow to ‘seeing yourself through the eyes of other people’. How many of you do this and how often? I personally did this more often than I care to count but now I I run with my own personal stream (flow). When you are not going with your “flow” you tend to miss all of the great bits of inner guidance and wisdom that is offered to you through divine intervention.

As I mentioned earlier, the angels said there are multiple meanings to the phrase but I personally only covered the most important ones. I want you to take this information and being to observe where you are and ask yourself if you are going with “your flow”, or are you just flowing with the stream of others. No matter where you are, or where you are flowing, you can always choose a different flow. Be the creator of your own destiny and align yourself with the flow of your highest good. Ignore those that place judgement and lead by example. Listen to your inner guidance, ask it to reveal to you the direction of its flow and ride it to the greatest destination of all, the Seat of Your Soul!


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