The Yin and Yang of our World

As this week comes to an end I can say that this post has been a long time coming. Last week I had every intention of posting this message as it was the angel’s message for the month of June. However, last week was one of those weeks that I would call a “roller coaster” of emotions. As an Empath, when emotions run high and it is on a global level I feel them stronger than most. I do not need to share with you what I am referencing as many of us are clear as to what is going on in our world right now.

When I first got this message from the angels I was confused because I honestly had no idea what it meant and how it all fit in, until all hell broke loose last week. Our world is in complete chaos, or at least from our perspective it looks like utter chaos. The angels however do not see it that way. According to them this is how order and balance will be restored in our world. Of course, when I heard this the only image that came to mind was that one scene in ‘Talladega Nights’ when the kids are running around screaming, “Anarchy!”

The message that came was “Divine Masculine’. It’s message is fairly simple as it speaks to the balance of Yin & Yang energy. Most people identify the Yin & Yang symbol as ancient Chinese philosophy and while that is where it originated from we are all connected to this symbol whether we understand it or not. You see the concept behind the Yin Yang is it’s reference to duality. It is often described as opposites or contrary forces but yet they still can be complementary to the other. I often viewed this duality as good vs. bad but the angels say it is so much more than that. Each half has its own force , purpose and function but the truth is they are meant to work together to create harmony. When they unite their forces and operate as one the power and force intensifies until they create balance.

Opposites, yet they each have a part of the other within their own element

This is very similar to what is currently going on in our world today. We have opposite forces fighting to be heard and in many cases some forces are using extremes. The angels say that the true meaning behind the ‘Divine Masculine energy’ is simply a call for us to be empowered and to use our light as a whole to bring about the change we want to see in this world. Our force, our light is fueled by a strong desire to see and experience something different. That desire that stems from our emotional stream of consciousness inspires us to take action. That is exactly what we are seeing right now. Humanity has finally woken up from its long slumber and has now begun the transition from out of the dark and into the light.

For many people the chaos that is being shown worldwide is frightening, saddening and painful to watch. As chaos continued to ensue in many places I asked the angels why we needed to endure so much pain and sorrow. The answer was as follows…

“Everything has a purpose. You may not always understand in the moment but know that in order to create harmony and balance in this world the people need to embrace both aspects of their whole.”

Metatron – The Archangel of Life

The truth my friends is that we all have played our part in both the problem and the solution. We all have both good and bad qualities within us. Each of us is a half of the whole. We fight each other for dominance when we should be joining forces to build a better tomorrow. Metatron stated that sometimes old systems, habits or beliefs need to be broken down and experienced so balance can be restored. We each have a responsibility to help humanity move forward in creating balance and harmony. We each can stand our ground, and stand up for others who can’t defend themselves. This is a time for us to regain focus and discipline our way of thinking. Long gone are the days of “ME” as we now move towards a new shift in reality and consciousness called “WE”.

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