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achievement confident free freedom
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How often do you take the time to practice gratitude? Are you grateful for all experiences, encounters, lessons, and people in your life? Yesterday, I found myself crying most of the day, which is not normal for me. You see lately, I’ve been feeling the pressure to produce or to simply show progress in what I have done or accomplished since leaving my corporate job. The crazy thing is NO ONE is asking me for results other than the berating voice in my head. You know the voice I speak of… the one that tells you to “Stop being lazy and get to WORK!” I left my corporate job on October 3rd because there was no more room for growth, there was no creativity in the role, and there was NO joy in what I was doing. There was the occasional person here and there that was pleasant and we developed great working relationships but for the majority, the leaders were not KIND, nor were they appreciative of what I had to offer.

When I first began my journey in that organization I was excited, thrilled even because I just knew that I was going to grow and make a difference some how. After 20 years of service I had to make a choice to choose my own personal well-being and growth and decided it was time to call it quits. Creativity is at the center of my being and I LOVE learning and growing but when you find yourself in a dead-end road with not stimulation, no growth and being shut down at every turn you give up. Leaving that corporate job was the BEST decision I could have ever made for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated my job, and for 13 years I was GRATEFUL for that job. I loved waking up every morning knowing I was going to have a new day, with new opportunities for growth and success. After a while, the growth stopped, new opportunities were almost non-existent and then leaders were preventing me from moving forward.

I knew I had skills, knowledge and GREAT potential to do amazing things but no one would listen to what I had to say. Instead I was told to make coffee, fill up the copy machine and smile. Despite my disappointment in their response to me every time I told them I was bored they continued to give me more work. The work was EASY for me, I could do it with my hands tied behind my back. What I craved was a CHALLENGE, something to stimulate my critical thinking skills. You see, I was a Senior Administrative Assistant who had worked her way up in the organization from a Receptionist. During my tenure at this organization I continued my education and eventually got my degree in Health Sciences with a major in Health & Wellness. I soon became an Intuitive Coach and while working a full-time job I saw clients on an occasional basis, knowing that ultimately my goal was to do coaching full-time. I knew that it would be difficult to make the transition from corporate to self-employement but in the end it would be worth it.

So now here I am 5 weeks out of my corporate job and I am grateful for the time and experience I gained. Yesterday’s tears were of joy, happiness and gratitude because had it not been for the terrible experience I’d had my last few years at my job I would have never made the JUMP. Sometimes, we grow complacent, or we stay where we are because we like being comfortable. If the leaders I reported to had challenged me, if they would have accomodated my requests for creativity I would have continuing working. I would have continued because the feeling of comfortability and security outweighed the feeling of pursuing my passion and goal. Many people never knew how much I hated my job, how unappreciated I was, how alienated I felt by not being a part of the team, how much their treatment of me made me question my value and worth. Their treatment of me made me realize how much value and worth I actually had. I discovered my passion for helping others, it awakened a sense and need to MOVE towards my passion.

Despite everything, I am grateful for all experiences in my corporate job because now I know what discomfort feels like when you’ve been held hostage by your comfort zone for too long. I appreciate the time I got to spend meeting new people, good and bad because now I know how to handle all types of personalities that I will experience in my own business. I will also have the experience to coach others into letting go of their fears associated with security and comfortabilitiy. I now know and understand the full meaning of gratitude and appreciation for self. We all have value and worth, but many people seek for their value and worth from others. I discovered that my worth and value was far greater that what anyone in my corporate job could offer me. I valued and appreciated myself enough to know that sometimes when every door for an opportunity closes on you, it means your opportunity is somewhere else. Be grateful for those messages when you get them because you never know where it might lead you. Be open to new adventures even the scary ones. BE GRATEFUL!

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