Spiritual Advisor & Intuitive Coach

Eileen N. Rouse
Spiritual Advisor & Intuitive Coach

Eileen is a Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Coach. She first received her certification to become an Intuitive Angel Guide connecting her to the angelic realm and the Ascended Masters. She delivers divine messages of guidance and wisdom through her YouTube Channel. She provides oracle and tarot card readings and on occassion provides channeled messages from angelic or ascended master entities.

As an Intuitive Coach Eileen trained with Colette Baron-Reid through her Masters Coaching Institute for her certification in InvizionĀ® Coaching. This is a specialized technique that allows her to assist her clients work through tough challenges and barriers preventing them from moving forward in life.

Eileen primarily works with women to empower them to embrace and embody their Divine True Essence so they can own and stand in their power. She uses all of her intuitive abilities and techniques along with her own personal growth and experience to better assist her clients.

“We are all capable of achieving greatness in life. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge and a support system in place to push us in the right direction. As your Spiritual Advisor I use my angelic communication to provide the nudge and the Intuitive Coach in me provides the support system and encouragement needed in order to be successful. My motto is “Be Awesome, Challenge Yourself but above all else Believe in Yourself.”

Eileen Rouse