The true definition of Beauty


According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary beauty is defined as “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit”.

Growing up I was lead to believe that beauty was superficial, it was something we all tried to obtain but many of us were unsuccessful. For years I believed that I was not one of the beautiful ones and a part of me felt that beauty was only bestowed upon those God favored.

My perception of beauty at that time was distorted by lies I’d been told by family and friends. Lies that in the end I owned and believed. In their eyes I was not perfect and no matter how hard I tried to live up to their expectations I just couldn’t reach their idea of beauty or perfection. It seemed I was doomed for failure and at the age of fifteen I knew I would never be beautiful.

To be so young and to have so much hate for oneself is hard, but it happens everyday. We live in a world where beauty is defined by image and perfection. If you don’t look a certain way, or wear certain clothes then you aren’t considered to be beautiful. So many women want to be like the models in the magazines because in everyone’s eyes perfection is beauty.

I’ve been very blessed to have had many experiences and people in my life who have taught me more about life than I’d care to admit but without them I wouldn’t be here. Some of the lessons I’ve learned have been for the better and some have taken longer to understand and acknowledge. Regardless of the time I learned what I needed too. Now that I’m 36 years of age I can officially say that what I once believed to be true about beauty no longer applies.

Within the last two years I’ve discovered who I truly am and while at first it seemed odd and out of place I felt a stirring deep within my heart. Something inside me told me to keep going, to keep digging deeper until finally I’d hit the topic of beauty. This was an area in my life that needed changing. Now I won’t bore you with the details on how this came to be but I will tell you what I’ve learned. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this with you because if I can make a difference somehow, someway then change in this world doesn’t seem so hard.

We’ve all heard the many phrases around beauty such as, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and “Beauty is skin deep”. The truth is these phrases mean nothing to the individual who is too busy trying to live up to unattainable standards. By doing so you set yourself up for failure and it makes everyone feel inadequate and imperfect. The eye of the beholder starts with YOU. You have to look deep within yourself to find the beauty because beauty isn’t on the surface, it’s skin deep.

My definition of beauty is my radiant smile, my infectious laughter and my welcoming personality. I’m beautiful because I love everyone unconditionally. I have no enemies and I’m the most social person you will ever meet. I’m beautiful because I’m the girl that will try to make you laugh when you’ve had a bad day. I’ll buy your lunch when you forget your cash, and I’ll even offer you the clothes on my back because I believe everyone needs someone to care.

My imperfections are what make me beautiful because it’s what makes me different from everyone else. We all have beauty within us we just can’t see it. We are preconditioned to believe that beauty is something you earn or attain but you can’t earn or attain what you were born with. The beauty we seek is there waiting to be seen and you start by letting go of what others think of you. Let go of the idea of trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations and create your own.

Be who you are authentically, accept everything about you and love your imperfections. Beauty is a feeling that is held deep inside you. It is a beating deep within your heart that no one can take from you. Instead of looking at what’s wrong with you, look at everything that makes you unique.

For the next ten days I challenge you to write down three things that make you unique. Be proud of those qualities as they are the reason you were created. Your uniqueness brings beauty into this world and that my friends makes you beautiful!