The Road

On occasion I find my mind wandering off in a distant horizon, focusing on something far beyond my reach. As an intuitive, I am one who can feel, see, hear and know things that I would normally not know. The funny thing is I can often times only do that for others. The vision to see the obstacles in my life are often times difficult and are usually only known when I’m knee deep in mud. This is the life of an intuitive, a life of many experiences, life lessons and roads. For many years I tried to walk away from my gift, accepting it was not an option. To accept the gift meant a life of service and a life of so many lessons, experiences and roads that needed to be traveled. 

When this road presented itself to me it scared me out of my mind and my gut instinct was to run as fast as I could in another direction. You see, not everyone welcomes the gift or the road they are on. They struggle and fight it with all of their might but yet it still continues and often times never ends. Some accept the gift and accept it willingly and travel down the road allowing it to mold them into who they are meant to be. Whether you accept it or not you still get the lessons, experiences and journey like everyone else just in a different way. Now that I’ve accepted my gift and have decided to travel down this road I’ve been given the task of helping others on their road. 

Now that I’m on my road I realize that there was a purpose for the struggle. God had a plan, and my willingness to fight the road allowed me the privilege of experiencing a journey that would one day help someone else. Maybe that someone else is YOU! Many of us struggle to accept things in our life that we often times don’t understand. We only see the smaller pieces in front of us, almost as if we have blinders on. This lack of vision makes us question our motives, desires and instincts. Making us lose trust and confidence in our own judgement of where we are going on this road called life. 

As soon as I traveled down my road I noticed the struggle right away. It made me question my own gift and I lost the confidence and trust in myself. Because of this I walked away from the gift and the road a second time only to be catapulted back into the road some time later. While I was off the road my gift became quiet and still. In the silence I was able to see and hear things I never thought possible. I was able to understand the greater purpose behind it all and when it finally clicked I resumed my travels down the road. I realized that the reason I walked away from it all was because of the exhaustion I felt in having to travel down a road into the unknown. Not knowing where I was going or where the road was leading me shook me to the core.

No matter what I felt my experiences and lessons always brought me back to the road. Again I accepted the road and this time made a promise to stay within it’s path and experience it all as if it were the only road. The light that once shone bright in my heart had been re-kindled once more. I can’t explain the feeling I get when I am on my road but I know in my heart that what is next for me on my journey is something that will become legend. The same is true for all of you. There is no right or wrong way, there is just a road. A road that you must travel on to get you to the next road and so forth. While you have no idea what will be on that road or where it will lead you, a part of you knows you must follow it so you take it without question. 

Many of us look for a road map in hopes that it will point out the dangers that lay ahead. Sometimes we get frustrated and concerned that we are lost and can’t find our way even though we have no idea where we are headed. We don’t need a map to find our way, nor do we need it to find where we are. We are because we are and no matter where that road leads you, you know in your heart that you are meant to be in the exact place you are. Your road map lives within you, always leading and pushing you in the direction you are meant to be in. There are experiences and lessons on that road that will help you become the person you are meant to be. Yes, the road will be dangerous, confusing and sometimes hard but the map always points you in the right direction. In moments when you feel lost it only feels that way because you’re fighting the road and it’s lessons. The map within you always redirects you because you’ve never left the road. 

If you knew what was ahead for you on that road would still take the same path? If you knew what was in store for you at the end of the road would you still makes the same choices? Many of us would stop and rethink things but then we wouldn’t get the experiences or lessons we needed while on the road. When I stopped trying to navigate my way through life, or in this case when I stopped trying to control it I found so much more beauty, happiness and freedom in the walk of that single road. No one else can navigate you on that road, you just have to allow it to move you in the direction you’re meant to go and follow the road. The choices of taking the left or the right fork is yours to make but it doesn’t matter. You take the road and accept what comes, learning from what it teaches you and experiencing the journey. No road is the same, as is life. I can’t tell you how to live your life, nor can I make your road easier but I can help guide you by giving you the courage to embrace the unknown. The best advice I have for you is to follow your road and light. Be the master of your own road and enjoy the journey. No matter the choices or the travels on that road they all lead you to the same destination. The only difference is your experiences and lessons will change. Once you’re on that road and the journey begins and the road ends, it takes you on an even bigger road with a greater journey ahead. 


All Roads lead to Rome; and Rome my friends is your destiny!

All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome


The Journey and Expectations


I’ve been on a weight loss journey for nearly a year and half now. I can easily say it has been one of the hardest journeys of my life. When I first sighed up for this journey I never thought I’d have to deal with heartache, frustration, anger, loss, failure and expectations. I knew I’d face road blocks but no one ever said I’d face them more than once.

Now here is something interesting for all of you to know. I am a certified Weight Release Energetix® coach. I primarily deal with the emotional or empathy part of the weight because let’s face it, a lot of is turn to food as comfort. During my training I lost over 60 pounds and was beside myself. This was all done by simply eating clean and mindful while dealing with the emotional reasons I turned to food.

This was done without the help of exercise but I needed and wanted to tone up certain areas of my body. So like any other individual wanting a healthier lifestyle I started working out. It was exhausting, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. Here is what I’ve struggled with the most.

Expectations from others and yourself can often time hinder your progress. Everyone expects to see some form of results when they exert themselves but when you don’t you start to doubt and feel failure breathing down your neck. I knew and expected to gain muscle but it didn’t prepare me for having to face a fear of the dreaded scale.

Once the muscle started packing on the numbers were going up and I was panicking. I’ve always believed that when you work hard and exercise you’re going to lose pounds. I expected to see that but it never came. Then as if my own expectations not being met were not enough I had to face the expectations of others. All of a sudden it was as if I was being graded on my progress. Other people expected me to be at a certain place that eventually I began to believe it and I owned it as a truth.

After accepting and owning their expectations of my progress I became a failure in their eyes as well as my own. Somehow along the way I lost the passion and purpose for why I started the journey in the first place. I questioned my efforts daily and instead of seeing the small milestones I had accomplished I dismissed them. I was no longer looking at myself through my own eyes. I was only seeing the reflection of what others expected of me that my own identity got lost.

Here is my advice if you seem to be struggling with your journey or path.

1. See yourself through your own eyes
Never forget that you are special, magnificent, amazing and a miracle all wrapped up in a package called a body. When you look at yourself daily be sure that you see yourself clearly. You are both ally and challenger to yourself. Choose carefully.

2. Acknowledge the WINS
No matter how small they are acknowledge them. When you recognize something amazing write it down in a journal. You can then use this as a reminder on days when you need extra encouragement.

3. Never compare
Everyone is different and the journeys are never the same. The moment you start to compare your progress to someone else’s is the moment you set yourself up for failure. A wise person once said,

All roads lead to Rome, the journeys just a bit different.

4. Honor yourself
Never be hard on yourself. Love yourself when you need to, celebrate when you can and challenge yourself. Listen to your heart, mind, body and spirit. Sometimes you will need to rest and know that it’s okay.

Everything in life is a journey and it’s meant to teach us many things. Enjoy it, live it and more importantly LOVE it. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing, refocus if you need to but never do it for the wrong reasons.

The true definition of Beauty


According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary beauty is defined as “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit”.

Growing up I was lead to believe that beauty was superficial, it was something we all tried to obtain but many of us were unsuccessful. For years I believed that I was not one of the beautiful ones and a part of me felt that beauty was only bestowed upon those God favored.

My perception of beauty at that time was distorted by lies I’d been told by family and friends. Lies that in the end I owned and believed. In their eyes I was not perfect and no matter how hard I tried to live up to their expectations I just couldn’t reach their idea of beauty or perfection. It seemed I was doomed for failure and at the age of fifteen I knew I would never be beautiful.

To be so young and to have so much hate for oneself is hard, but it happens everyday. We live in a world where beauty is defined by image and perfection. If you don’t look a certain way, or wear certain clothes then you aren’t considered to be beautiful. So many women want to be like the models in the magazines because in everyone’s eyes perfection is beauty.

I’ve been very blessed to have had many experiences and people in my life who have taught me more about life than I’d care to admit but without them I wouldn’t be here. Some of the lessons I’ve learned have been for the better and some have taken longer to understand and acknowledge. Regardless of the time I learned what I needed too. Now that I’m 36 years of age I can officially say that what I once believed to be true about beauty no longer applies.

Within the last two years I’ve discovered who I truly am and while at first it seemed odd and out of place I felt a stirring deep within my heart. Something inside me told me to keep going, to keep digging deeper until finally I’d hit the topic of beauty. This was an area in my life that needed changing. Now I won’t bore you with the details on how this came to be but I will tell you what I’ve learned. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this with you because if I can make a difference somehow, someway then change in this world doesn’t seem so hard.

We’ve all heard the many phrases around beauty such as, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and “Beauty is skin deep”. The truth is these phrases mean nothing to the individual who is too busy trying to live up to unattainable standards. By doing so you set yourself up for failure and it makes everyone feel inadequate and imperfect. The eye of the beholder starts with YOU. You have to look deep within yourself to find the beauty because beauty isn’t on the surface, it’s skin deep.

My definition of beauty is my radiant smile, my infectious laughter and my welcoming personality. I’m beautiful because I love everyone unconditionally. I have no enemies and I’m the most social person you will ever meet. I’m beautiful because I’m the girl that will try to make you laugh when you’ve had a bad day. I’ll buy your lunch when you forget your cash, and I’ll even offer you the clothes on my back because I believe everyone needs someone to care.

My imperfections are what make me beautiful because it’s what makes me different from everyone else. We all have beauty within us we just can’t see it. We are preconditioned to believe that beauty is something you earn or attain but you can’t earn or attain what you were born with. The beauty we seek is there waiting to be seen and you start by letting go of what others think of you. Let go of the idea of trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations and create your own.

Be who you are authentically, accept everything about you and love your imperfections. Beauty is a feeling that is held deep inside you. It is a beating deep within your heart that no one can take from you. Instead of looking at what’s wrong with you, look at everything that makes you unique.

For the next ten days I challenge you to write down three things that make you unique. Be proud of those qualities as they are the reason you were created. Your uniqueness brings beauty into this world and that my friends makes you beautiful!