intuitive Coach

As an intuitive coach I work with women who struggle to find passion, adventure, satisfaction and success in life. Most women struggle to find their voice, to speak up for themselves in all areas of life. As your coach my goal and purpose is to be your sounding board by partnering with you in helping you align to life, health, wealth and business goals. One of the biggest questions I get on a daily basis is, “What is an Intuitive Coach?” So let’s dive in to this frequent question.

What is an Intuitive Coach?

An intuitive coach is very similar to a Life Coach. They help you set goals, create action plans, work through blockages and change behaviors while also incorporating spiritual and self-help practices like meditation, journaling, and intuition. This allows the client to enter into a state of self-discovery. The intuitive coach holds space for you to be open with yourself to explore the depths of your desires and passions. As your intuitive coach I listen to ‘what is’ and ‘what isn’t being said’ to make you more aware of patterns or behaviors that prevent you from moving forward in life.

Coaching Techniques I use

I am certified in a unique process called In-Vizion ® that creates a transformative dialogue using the language of symbols and metaphors connected to you and your subconscious mind. This allows you to tap into your inner thoughts, fears and trauma that leads to your experiences in the outer world. In-Vizion ® is used to transform your way of thinking by connecting to your own intuition and listen to your inner oracle. In essence you bypass the old story and we create a new one to help you move passed sabotaging behaviors.

Coaching Pricing & Packages

Single Coaching Session may be purchased a week at a time.

All clients will get 1 free 30-45 minute session free to determine if we would be a good fit for each other.

Single Coaching Session

1 hour session


6-week package

1 hour session for 6 weeks. Regular Price $900


8-week package

1 hour session for 8 weeks. Regular Price $1,200


12-week package

1 hour session for 12 weeks. Regular Price $1,800



My experience with the coaching has been a great one. I started in with a very ready ‘to do the work’ mindset. I have shed many layers and uncovered things that I had no idea how much they actually affected me as a person. The triggers they had left me with and the habits I had created to avoid them. I have released a lot of negativity along the way that wasn’t serving me at all. I feel lighter and that I can clearly think. I can actually listen to myself instead of all the fog that was there before. The guidance and help that I have had along the way with the coaching is amazing. Eileen really knows how to get to the root of the issues and uncover them in a form you understand. It actually is you seeing it in a different light. Not just being told whats going on but seeing it and understanding it yourself. The approach she has is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It also comes with love and care for you and wanting to see you succeed in bettering yourself. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone I know. — Anonymous–