I am a Psychic – Intuitive, and healer with over 15 years experience and through the years I have developed my own niche in guiding people towards spiritual healing and growth. I have been told that my sessions are heart felt and touch on challenges, blockages, and barriers you face on a daily basis that prevent you from moving forward in life. As a psychic-intuitive I open myself up to spirit and the angels to deliver the messages your soul needs to hear. I read the energy around you and communicate with any angels, guides or ancestors that are currently working with you. All of my sessions are done via Zoom and last an hour as the information that comes through is very detailed. All of my sessions are designed to coach and mentor you into developing your own intuitive abilities so you can broaden your own awareness and consciousness.

Psychic – Intuitive Insight Session

Session includes the following:

  • 1 Zoom Call
  • Tarot/Oracle card spread
  • Details of past, present and future energies
  • Insight on challenges/barriers from the past that are affecting your present
  • Guidance on correcting/removing barriers to realign you to your destined path and a better future
  • Cost – $300

Angel Therapy Session

Session includes the following:

  • This session is in two parts (2 Zoom Calls)
  • Tarot card spread for your past, present, and future energies
  • Chakra assessment for realignment, balancing, and chord cutting
  • Angelic therapy with Stellar Quartz, and Proton Infused Rose Quartz crystals
  • Light measurement before and after session
  • Healing with light frequency energy
  • Opening of Third Eye and other chakras for enlightenment & ascension
  • Cost – $600


As an intuitive coach I work with women who struggle to find passion, adventure, satisfaction and success in life. Most women struggle to find their voice, to speak up for themselves in work, romance, or life in general. As an intuitive coach my goal and purpose is to be your sounding board by partnering with you in helping you align to your life, health, wealth, romance and business goals. One of the biggest questions I get is, “What is an Intuitive Coach?”

What is an Intuitive Coach?

An intuitive coach helps you set goals, create action plans, work through blockages/barriers and changing your behaviors while incorporating spiritual and self-help practices like meditation, journaling, and intuition. This allows you to enter into a state of self-discovery. As the intuitive coach I hold space for you to be open and reflective with yourself to explore the depths of your truest desires and passions. I listen to the ‘what is’ and ‘what is not being said’ to help make you more aware of the patterns and behaviors you favor that prevent you from moving forward in life.

Coaching techniques I use

I am certified in a unique process called  In-Vizion® that creates a transformative dialogue using the language of symbols and metaphors connected to you and your subconscious mind. This allows you to tap into your inner thoughts, fears and trauma that leads to your experiences in the outer world. In-Vizion® is used to transform your way of thinking by connecting to your own intuition and listen to your inner oracle. In essence you bypass the old story and we create a new one to help you move passed sabotaging behaviors.

Coaching Session Pricing

All coaching clients will receive 1 FREE 30 minute consultation call so I the coach can understand the needs of the coaching client.

Single Coaching Session

Session includes the following:

  • 1:1 coaching via a Zoom link
  • Core issue identification from coaching assessment
  • One In-Vizion session for core issue
  • Recommendations provided for further clearing
  • Cost – $350

Coaching Session Package

Session includes the following:

  • 4 weekly sessions
  • 1:1 coaching via a Zoom link
  • Core issue identification from coaching assessment
  • Four In-Vizion sessions for core issue and other triggers
  • Recommendations provided for further clearing
  • Payment plan is provided upon request
  • Cost – $1,100