Intuitive Readings

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I have been an Intuitive Reader for over 14 years and through the years I have developed my own niche in guiding people towards spiritual healing and growth. I have been told that my readings are heart felt and touch on challenges, blockages, and barriers you face on a daily basis that prevent you from moving forward in life. Intuitive readings are done by a professional who uses his or her intuition to deliver the message or messages they receive from spirit.

I read the energy around you and communicate with any angels, guides or ancestors that are currently working with you. All of my intuitive readings are done via Zoom and usually last about an hour as the information that comes through is very detailed. I do not call myself a psychic or a fortune teller as I believe your future is determined by the actions and decisions you make in the present moment. As an intuitive reader and Spiritual Advisor I coach and mentor people into developing their own intuitive abilities so they can broaden their own awareness and consciousness.

1 hour
Intuitive Reading
  • Session is held via Zoom
Monthly Overview Reading
  • A monthly overview and 3 questions
  • Session is held via Zoom
5 question Email Reading
  • Submit 5 questions
  • Detailed answers to questions sent via email
3 question Email Reading
  • Submit 3 questions
  • Detailed answers to questions sent via email


As a fellow reader myself, when I sit as a client, it can be difficult to find another Medium with a matched or higher vibration as my own. This hasn’t ever been an issue with Eileen. Her messages are crystal clear, on the mark and not forced. She has allowed all personal barriers to be peacefully let down and I come out of the session with wisdom, clarity and weight lifted. No questions left unknown. Any environment you choose to have a session always feels personal, inviting, and most importantly; welcoming. Receiving a message from Eileen is heaven sent!


Eileen hit me in the heart right from the start! My reading is definitely something I needed and she was spot on about everything. She even wrote down a few words that kept coming to her before she picked my cards. I wanted to start breaking down crying right there. Some of the words she said hardly anyone knew about. I will definitely be coming back time and time again to hear what my angels are telling Eileen.