Eileen Into My Essence

A 12 day self-discovery process where you learn who you are, what you want out of life and learn to embrace your Divine Essence!

What if you never had to feel lost, confused, unhappy, disappointed, unsatisfied or discourage about your life?

With this digital product there is no longer any confusion. You'll learn how to get started on this journey to embracing who you are, understanding what makes you happy, and acknowledging your passion and desire. In just 12 days I will walk you through a step-by-step process designed with a coaching structure.

Eileen Into My Essence helps you find joy and happiness with where you are in life and aligns you to becoming the creator of your own destiny.

Get this product valued at $234 today for only $57.

What if you never had to...

- feel lost or confused about where you are in life

- feel unhappy about who you are

- feel disappointed about not meeting other people's expectations

feel unappreciated, unloved, or unsupported by the people around you

- feel unsatisfied with how things in your life turned out

What if I could offer you...

- clarity on finding joy and happiness

- a vision for creating a magical life designed by you

- desire to embrace change

- the motivation to create change

- a new approach to seeing life through new eyes

- an opportunity to get a life coaching structure without the high price tag

With Eileen Into My Essence you get a life coaching structure for 12 days designed to help you envision a new life with a new story full of promise, purpose and happiness. It motivates you to understand who you are and encourages you to discover your true divine essence.

Tell me if this sounds like you?

~ You are lost and confused about who you are.

~ You are unsatisfied with where you are and thought you would be more successful

~ You want to find some happiness

~ You need some clarity on how to get started

What if there was a way to...

Give you the clarity on who you are and how to get started on finding happiness in life.

Help you discover exactly what you want out of life so you can start building the life of your dreams.

I created Eileen Into My Essence because as a coach I know what it takes to help you discover who you are. It is designed with you in mind to assist you in creating a new vision and story just for you.

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself and learn to discover your Divine Essence and be happy?

Total Value: $234

Buy now for only $57!

Eileen Into My Essence is a 12-day discovery process designed to inspire you to create, envision and prioritize a new version of you.

This product offers you a version of online coaching at a fraction of the price. It provides you a step-by-step process on how to find your purpose and happiness while discovering a new version of yourself and becoming the creator of your own destiny/story.

Right now you feel...

- Unable to make your own choices due to fear of making the wrong choice

- You are lost and confused on how you got where you are

- You have always been there for everyone else but feel alone more than ever during this stage in life

- You are unhappy and disappointed with your life and often see yourself as a failure

You can achieve this...

- You will know EXACTLY who you are

- You will envision a new life for yourself

- You will no longer be confused or lost, and you will start living life on your terms

- You will find happiness and be content with being authentically you

- You will appreciate life and where you are

This life changing product can be your today for only $57!!!

Hi! I'm Eileen Rouse

I am a Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive Coach and founder of Eileen Into Spirit. I specialize in empowering women to embody and embrace their Divine Essence so they can stand and own their own power.

I have been a coach for over 5 years and absolutely love motivating, inspiring and encouraging women to find their purpose, passion and excitement for life. I guide them on becoming the best version of themselves by aligning them to a new story they create on their own. It is a beautiful story where magic, hope, positivity, gratitude and self-love exists.

I created Eileen Into My Essence after going through my own personal struggles and traumatic events that made me question everything in life. I felt betrayed, abandoned, lost, confused, unhappy and disappointed with where I was and who I was. As a coach I knew I needed to start a new journey in life, one that involved appreciation, gratitude, acceptance and love of one self.

After taking one year off from coaching, I re-evaluated my life and began the process of discovering who I was. In the midst of that process of self-discovery I created a new vision for my life and wondered if there were others out in the world who could use my skills, knowledge and coaching tools. It wasn't long before my vision of empowering women was created. I started out small by simply meeting with them weekly. I listened to their fears, worries and doubts and offered a safe space for them to be vulnerable. There was no judgement, or expectations, simply just a willingness to be open and receptive to change in a slow way. One by one I watched these amazing, resilient women blossom into the strongest, most powerful woman they always aspired themselves to be.

I started my journey of self-discovery exactly where you are right now. I know what it feels like to be in your shoes, to feel the heaviness of disappointment, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction. As the Intuitive Coach that I am, I want to help you become the person you have always wanted to become. I want to empower you to create an amazing life filled with purpose, passion, excitement but more than anything, I want YOU to witness first hand how capable you are of doing this process. You are RESILIENT!

What is Inside Your Product ?

Here is what is included in this product. Everything is downloadable.

Item One:

Video Presentation Recording

This is a recorded presentation narrated by me that provides you a step-by-step instruction on how to use the items in this product. I also explain what you can expect and how to go through the 12 days. ($80 value)

Item Two:

Essence Tracker

This is a tracker or a checklist that you can use daily to keep you on track for the 12 days. ($10 value)

Item Three:

Eileen Into My Essence Workbook

This is a 12-day workbook that provides you with daily coaching questions. Every day you will focus on a different topic centered around your beliefs and perceptions of self/life. These questions are designed to help you focus on the hard questions you often avoid when searching for truth, validation, or when looking within. The workbook serves as a way to start the process of creating a new story that will provide you with the clarity you have been seeking. ($100 value)

Item Four:

Affirmation/Gratitude Essence Log

This affirmation/gratitude log provides you with a daily affirmation. In the log you are provided with space to write out daily intentions that are aligned with the daily affirmations. You also have designated space to document and begin gratitude scripting; which should be aligned with the daily affirmation. At the end of the day you will journal about your reflection of the day in the designated space. ($20 value)

Item Five:

I AM Meditation

This is a guided meditation specifically created for this product that not only provides you with a calming sense of security but also helps you begin the process of envisioning a new version of yourself. This meditation takes you on a journey of becoming the best version of yourself. ($4.00 value)

Item Six:

My Essence Playlist

This is a Spotify playlist that was created specifically for this product to help provide a calming, positive, inspirational environment for you during your journey of self-discovery. ($20 value)

Who is Eileen Into My Essence for?

The beauty of this product is that is designed for nearly anyone. Even though I primarily coach women I created this product to serve humanity. So yes, it can be used by men, college students and so much more.

So I'm sure you are wondering... Eileen, how do I know if this product is for me?

This product is for you if...

» You lack clarity in life and need assistance from a coach

»You are struggle finding happiness and joy in life

» You feel unsuccessful and have accomplished nothing in life

»You believe the story you've been told that you are unworthy of success

»You find it hard to see beyond the difficulties of life

» You want to start living life on your terms

»You want to let go of the negative self-talk

»You want to stop self-sabotaging yourself

»You are ready to create a new story that inspires you to create lasting change in your life

»You want to feel confident

»You want to choose your dreams and desires

So now you're asking yourself, "How does this work?"

Purchase your copy of Eileen Into My Essence!

Check your inbox for the link to download your digital product.

Follow the step-by-step process for 12 days to start your journey to self-discovery.

Embrace the journey and begin to see the world through new eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I contact if I am having trouble downloading the material?

A: If you are experiencing difficulties downloading the material or the links are not working please send an email to eileenintospirit@gmail.com

Q: Are the documents printable and what type of format are they in?

A: Yes the documents are printable as they all come in PDF format, with the exception of the video, meditation and Spotify playlist.

Q: Will I still be able to download the Spotify playlist if I don't have an account?

A: You can create a FREE Spotify account and still download the playlist to listen. You do not need a paid account to access it.

Eileen Into My Essence

A 12-day discovery process to identifying who you are at the core and embracing where you are in life.

With this amazing product there is no need to continue feeling lost or confused. You will have a step-by-step process designed by a life coach that takes all the guess work out of how to get started. You will learn how to discover who you are with radical acceptance. You will finally know what you want out of life and you will begin the process of taking the necessary steps towards change. You will know what makes you happy and brings you joy. You will be inspired and motivated to continue the journey towards true purpose, while finding your passions and desires. In just 12 days you will begin to see how beautiful life can be when you connect with your Divine Essence.

Get your copy of this product today for only $57

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