A new adventure into the unknown

Do you ever sit and wonder what your life would be like had you made different choices? At forty-two years of age, I find myself taking inventory of my life and while I can see progress I still wonder where I would be had I made a different choice. The interesting thing about this thought is the angels often say that you should never cloud your mind with the “what ifs”. I find this amusing because that seems to be the one thing we humans do constantly. Yet a part me of understands the reasoning behind allowing ourselves to wonder on the missed opportunities and such.

My life has completely changed since January of this year. Most people would be upset, bothered, or unhinged with all of the unrest and fluctuation I’ve endured these past 6 months. Despite the changes being sudden and thrown at me from every direction I find them inviting and comforting. These changes have been a long time coming. It has been something that should have taken place a long time ago but, I was not ready to face the challenges that lay ahead of me. Not many people would be able to look at my situation or circumstances from a place of joy, but trust me when I say I am as joyous as I have ever been.

I am sure many of you are wondering what I am referring to and are curious as to what new changes I speak of but I must lay the foundation of this story first. In the beginning of this year, a strong and powerful energy entered my life and pushed me in a direction I never intended to go. This powerful energy is more of an angelic entity and trust me when I say, this powerful force is one you simply do not say “NO” to. Metatron the archangel of life and ascended master chooses his students carefully and wisely. Not many are chosen and very few get passed his challenges and orders. He is an ascended master for a reason and although I knew working with him would be challenging I accepted the request and began my journey.

We all come into this life to grow and ascend into our true form. We experience harsh lessons here on Earth and sometimes many of us do not succeed. Not succeeding does not automatically make you a failure, it simply makes you stronger. It builds your character and ‘God Essence’ into who you truly are. When I was a little girl, I had visions of standing in front of large crowds with a giant spotlight in my face. Every time I had this dream I would wake up in tears because I was so afraid of showing myself to the world. I always knew I was different than most people I came into contact with and despite knowing this a part of me yearned to just let myself be seen.

Photo by Tasha Kamrowski on Pexels.com

Not many people can look at their life experiences and say, “I’ve lived an amazing life.” Yet, I sit here in my office typing this out with tears in my eyes because I am that one person. Every experience I have encountered and endured in this life made me who I am today. Those experiences molded me into the strong, passionate, resilient woman I see in the mirror every morning. Please understand that I did not live a plush or special life because I was connected to Spirit. I had bad days, horrible moments where I fell into deep pits of darkness. I have stumbled many times and on three occasions I pondered the idea of ending my own life.

The interesting thing to me is that each time I entertained that idea, someone would walk into my life and bring me sunshine and for a brief moment the thought would pass and I would be on course again. During the roughest times in my life I could never understand the reasoning behind certain situations or experiences. For a time, I felt the world and Spirit were playing jokes on me and in some instances I felt as if I was being kicked while I was down. Despite the struggle I continued with my faith and yes, there were times I strayed from it but, we all have at one time or another.

Photo by Inna Lesyk on Pexels.com

I say all of this because I am now entering a point in my life where I am now of service to God and Spirit. I have been pushed way passed my comfort zone and while having fears of being seen still haunt me, I know I am exactly where I need to be. Since our world entered into a state of the “unknown”, I have been working on me. I have been listening to Metatron, following orders and preparing myself for what lays ahead, not really knowing or understanding what I might be facing. It wasn’t until one afternoon when I was sitting in my office meditating that the vision of my dream from long ago resurfaced.

The vision was clear and I was told that a choice would have to be made. In seeing the vision, I smiled and laughed because I no longer held fear in it . In fact, I was quite surprised to feel a longing and desire for being in that vision and making it a reality. I took my time, prayed and decided that it is time for me to step into the unknown and make that vision a reality. So here I sit, preparing for my next YouTube video to drop on Monday and biting my fingernails. Once it is out there for the public to see, a new chain of events will be set in motion and there will be no turning back. In all honesty, I’m excited about this new adventure I am about to embark upon. As I said earlier, “It has been a long time coming.”

Know that I do what I do because it is my calling. I am meant to be a LIGHT in this world. I am meant to spark the flames of desire deep within your hearts and souls. Yes, there will be challenges with this new adventure but I have the greatest support system in the world. I’ve been through the fire and rose above that through the ashes so this will be a walk in the park. I invite you all to please visit my YouTube channel, subscribe, and share its content. If you don’t agree, then I honor you in your light and truth!

See you all soon with lots more content from me and others!

This little light of mine…

Archangel Metatron – The Archangel of Life

Hello Spirit Family! It has been a while since I last posted but I’ve been a bit busy honing my craft and working on developing a new ability that I never thought I would be able to do. This past weekend I traveled to Dallas to visit a friend, a fellow Soul Sister and it was the perfect getaway! Since the beginning of April my life has changed in more ways than I could have ever imagined and sometimes you need people in your life that you confide in, bounce ideas off of and bond with their spirit and soul.

Today, as I sit at home taking in this past weekend I cannot help but feel truly blessed. I had to cut out a lot of people in my life and it was painful. To walk away from people you bonded with in the past, or simply cut ties with individuals who were sucking the life out of me was by far the hardest thing for me to do. Sometimes we avoid doing things that are good for us because we fear the consequences of our actions. For me the fear of being alone, or not having people I could trust or confide in was what prevented me from doing what my soul knew needed to be done.

So in April of this year, I began the journey of spiritual ascension and enlightenment, or in layman’s terms I began to grow spiritually. I started a ritual of meditating at least twenty minutes a day and in the process of doing that, I began to tune in to my soul’s frequency. The magnetic pull of wanting and desiring to be in bliss was so strong and I began unconsciously making changes. The changes started out small and then before I could even comprehend what was happening the change was complete.

I am sure you are probably wondering what changes I am referencing and I’ll start by saying it started with food. I went from loving dairy and meat to now living and enjoying a plant-based diet. This was not something I thought would ever happen for me but it was as if I woke up one morning and knew that I no longer had a desire for meat or animal products. The second thing that changed was slowly cutting out the individuals that no longer served me. Letting go of the people who never truly valued me, or appreciated me was easy, but walking away from those I cared about and loved was hard.

The thing that made it hard was knowing that they only hindered me from growing and elevating to a place that I longed to be but felt tied down by the energy of those individuals. So as if by magic, I woke up one morning and the feeling of sadness and pain was gone. I no longer felt the pull and tug of being weighed down by those individuals. So I broke free and began building up the relationships with those that valued me.

As you sit here and read this, I am sure you are probably thinking that I am cruel but we all have individuals who take advantage of us. We all have people who bring us down, stick around us only to inflate their confidence or ego. We believe those individuals love us, we believe they care but the reality is they only care about themselves. How freeing would it be for you to let go of those people and allow yourself the privilege of bringing in new people? Genuine people who value your heart, your authenticity, your kindness. There is only one of you in this world and you deserve to be treasured, cherished and valued.

Walking away is not easy. In fact it is by the far the hardest thing in the world to do because you know that as soon as you do a small part of you dies when that relationship is severed. We should never fear death, for death is simply the beginning of something better. When you let go of the things and people that no longer serve you you make room for the relationships that matter. You begin to experience the bliss of being connected to your spirit as you align to unconditional love.

I have no idea why I am even writing this but I felt it was something that needed to be said. Maybe one of you needed to hear this message or maybe all of you did. All I know is that my life is no longer just about me, it is about all of you. Metatron has completely taken over my life and I am okay with that. I know that from this day forward, what I post and the content I provide is for the betterment of humanity. I am the light in this world. I am the light of reason, the light of unconditional love, the light of justice and the light of your soul. Listen to these words with your heart and allow them to speak to you. Take with you what you want and leave the rest behind. Until next time Spirit Fam, let your light shine!

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The Yin and Yang of our World

As this week comes to an end I can say that this post has been a long time coming. Last week I had every intention of posting this message as it was the angel’s message for the month of June. However, last week was one of those weeks that I would call a “roller coaster” of emotions. As an Empath, when emotions run high and it is on a global level I feel them stronger than most. I do not need to share with you what I am referencing as many of us are clear as to what is going on in our world right now.

When I first got this message from the angels I was confused because I honestly had no idea what it meant and how it all fit in, until all hell broke loose last week. Our world is in complete chaos, or at least from our perspective it looks like utter chaos. The angels however do not see it that way. According to them this is how order and balance will be restored in our world. Of course, when I heard this the only image that came to mind was that one scene in ‘Talladega Nights’ when the kids are running around screaming, “Anarchy!”


The message that came was “Divine Masculine’. It’s message is fairly simple as it speaks to the balance of Yin & Yang energy. Most people identify the Yin & Yang symbol as ancient Chinese philosophy and while that is where it originated from we are all connected to this symbol whether we understand it or not. You see the concept behind the Yin Yang is it’s reference to duality. It is often described as opposites or contrary forces but yet they still can be complementary to the other. I often viewed this duality as good vs. bad but the angels say it is so much more than that. Each half has its own force , purpose and function but the truth is they are meant to work together to create harmony. When they unite their forces and operate as one the power and force intensifies until they create balance.

Opposites, yet they each have a part of the other within their own element

This is very similar to what is currently going on in our world today. We have opposite forces fighting to be heard and in many cases some forces are using extremes. The angels say that the true meaning behind the ‘Divine Masculine energy’ is simply a call for us to be empowered and to use our light as a whole to bring about the change we want to see in this world. Our force, our light is fueled by a strong desire to see and experience something different. That desire that stems from our emotional stream of consciousness inspires us to take action. That is exactly what we are seeing right now. Humanity has finally woken up from its long slumber and has now begun the transition from out of the dark and into the light.

For many people the chaos that is being shown worldwide is frightening, saddening and painful to watch. As chaos continued to ensue in many places I asked the angels why we needed to endure so much pain and sorrow. The answer was as follows…

“Everything has a purpose. You may not always understand in the moment but know that in order to create harmony and balance in this world the people need to embrace both aspects of their whole.”

Metatron – The Archangel of Life

The truth my friends is that we all have played our part in both the problem and the solution. We all have both good and bad qualities within us. Each of us is a half of the whole. We fight each other for dominance when we should be joining forces to build a better tomorrow. Metatron stated that sometimes old systems, habits or beliefs need to be broken down and experienced so balance can be restored. We each have a responsibility to help humanity move forward in creating balance and harmony. We each can stand our ground, and stand up for others who can’t defend themselves. This is a time for us to regain focus and discipline our way of thinking. Long gone are the days of “ME” as we now move towards a new shift in reality and consciousness called “WE”.

“Going with the Flow

How many of us have heard the phrase, “Go with the flow.” As a spiritual coach and advisor, it is something I say often to my clients and it is something I have personally heard time and time again. Lately, I feel as if I personally have been doing just that, I have been going with the flow. Since taking the lead in my life and moving myself towards my goals and dreams, I have had to start following the flow of my soul.

Image by: Yuri_Arcurs/Digital Vision Vectors/Getty Images

I do however; want to be clear about what ‘going with the flow’ really means and what the angels have to say about that phrase. We all have dreams, goals, aspirations or desires we want to achieve in life. If we want it bad enough, we will do whatever it takes to see it through. For me, my flow has been preparing my YouTube channel, perfecting my Podcast, writing better material for this blog and sparking insight and intrigue in those who want to grow spiritually.

Part of the YouTube channel

For the past four weeks, I have been working tirelessly on preparing for a chakra class that the angels and I will be teaching. This past Saturday we had our first set of students and it was exhilarating to see their eyes light up with excitement and a curiosity to learn and expand their consciousness. Getting the class material prepared, setting up the presentation as a teaching format (etc.) it all takes work. Detailed work and time that often takes away from other aspects of my day and life. Now, please no not misunderstand me, I love creating, after all I am a creator. It is one of the things that brings me the most joy. However, when I am in the process of doing, I often feel guilty for neglecting my wife and other areas of my life, but this is how my flow is flowing at the moment.

Me and the presentation of the class being done over Zoom due to Quarantine

It is in those small moments of guilt that the angels show up (Metatron to be exact) and present me with the insight of going with the flow. Especially in my case, since I took an oath of service to others. In order to be successful you must push against the stream of the norm. In this case, I am pushing against the stream of society and their view on spirituality in general. You see, there are many people both in my life and outside of my life that frown upon me openly talking about my abilities. Many of these people get the wrong idea about me and they often times make assumptions about me and my beliefs. Yes, I am referencing people placing judgement on me and what I am doing. What I find quite interesting is that many of us can relate to this particular situation, yet many of us do the same thing (place judgement) without even realizing it. We never stop to question ourselves as to why we feel the need to assume or judge someone else’s actions. We simply ‘go with the flow’ of society, or we flow with what we have always known our imposed beliefs.

Am I right? —

The angels say that the phrase, “Go with the flow,” actually has multiple meanings but we only see it from one or two perspectives. Everyone is on a journey while here on Earth. We each have a purpose, and multiple soul lessons we must learn in order to proceed to the next level. Believe it or not, the experiences we encounter in this life are testing our ability to expand our awareness and learn from our mistakes. We cannot move on to the next level until we have passed the level we are currently on. Just like when you are playing Super Mario Bro’s, and you are on the water level and you keep running into the puffer fish and dying. All you want to do is get passed the puffer fish but it keeps defeating you. Yes, that puffer fish is a lesson, you must get passed it in order to move on to the end of the level. Going with the flow can literally mean going with the flow of the stream or going against the flow. When faced with this phrase, the angels say its true meaning is different for everyone. How you ask, well it all depends on where you are in life, what lessons you are learning and what the next step is in your life.

So much truth

There are those who fight the stream of flow every step of the way. They resist the current and push passed it because they want to see change in their world. In many situations, these types of people want to be different and they want to stand out. They do what is required of them in order to get them to where they are going. However, when people witness these individuals being different they call them crazy or cynical. The angels say that fighting the stream is not a bad thing, in fact, those people fighting the stream and moving along their path in life are actually in alignment with their flow.


Now let us have a quick look at those individuals who are moving along with the flow of society but then decide they want something different. It is as if their is a stirring in their heart for something better. They soon begin to move against the stream but as soon as they hit rough water, they stop moving. The lack of movement encourages the individual to ‘ride the wave’, eventually carrying them to experiencing and witnessing new things. This experience all on its own presents them with questions they never thought of. They begin to question their actions, decisions and choices in life. They get so wrapped up on their thoughts that their flow eventually comes to a complete stop as it dead ends. Once the flow stops they begin to feel lost as they are no longer experiencing new things. When that lost feeling begins to sink in, they start holding on to regret and start observing everyone else around them with great envy. Some of these individuals move out of this dead end and some do not. The choice is ultimately up to them. No matter what they decide, they will at times blame society or others for their lack of flow.

Thought provoking —

The key here is to simply understand that ‘going with the flow’ means so much more than just riding the wave. Everyone of us has our own personal flow we need to be following. It is the flow of our soul. Not everyone’s flow is moving in the same direction. We each need to find our flow and move along with it by being aware of what we encounter while in that flow. It is important for us as spiritual beings to feel connected to our inner guidance. In order for us to understand what is needed for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth we need a strong connected flow to that inner guidance. Once we understand what is needed we can then determine which direction our own personal spiritual flow is going to align with it. If you are not in alignment with your soul or purpose then your phrase of ‘go with the flow’ means you are following the flow of others.

Are you in alignment?

Sometimes when you feel the urge to go against the grain it is because your flow (the flow of your soul) is in the opposite direction. That my friends is what we call resistance. I have often attributed this type of flow to ‘seeing yourself through the eyes of other people’. How many of you do this and how often? I personally did this more often than I care to count but now I I run with my own personal stream (flow). When you are not going with your “flow” you tend to miss all of the great bits of inner guidance and wisdom that is offered to you through divine intervention.

As I mentioned earlier, the angels said there are multiple meanings to the phrase but I personally only covered the most important ones. I want you to take this information and being to observe where you are and ask yourself if you are going with “your flow”, or are you just flowing with the stream of others. No matter where you are, or where you are flowing, you can always choose a different flow. Be the creator of your own destiny and align yourself with the flow of your highest good. Ignore those that place judgement and lead by example. Listen to your inner guidance, ask it to reveal to you the direction of its flow and ride it to the greatest destination of all, the Seat of Your Soul!



The angels never cease to amaze me with their divine wisdom and guidance. I have found their words to not only be insightful but comforting in a time when there are moments you feel doubt, insecurity or uncertainty creep in to the depths of your psyche. We all have that one voice that speaks to us deep in our mind; you know the one I mean. I have often referred to that voice as my inner goblin, the voice of “OMG, we’re gonna die!” I laugh just thinking about it but all humor aside we all know that voice and as much as we hate to admit it, we listen to that voice quite often. For the sake of this writing piece, I am going to call my inner goblin ‘Shanna’. Yes, I gave her a name because it is important to identify whom I am speaking of and to whom I am addressing.

Shanna was very vocal this week; she was having a field day kicking around my confidence and sense of self-worth. There were moments when it was a constant battle between her field goals and my counter defenses. It was not until just this morning I was able to take her down and win the game. You see, I just recently launched my first YouTube channel and you can imagine the amount of anxiety and uncertainty that opportunity provided. It was a struggle for me to commit to uploading a blog and podcast weekly and now I have a YouTube channel. When the angels instructed me to begin a blog, they assured me that material would magically show up and they have yet to let me down. The same is true for my Podcast but when the word YouTube came up during a meditation I quickly began to second-guess myself.

Immediately I put my foot down but Metatron stood tall and firm on the decision. When I asked why the response I got was, “You are born to lead and the world needs your leadership.” It took me an entire four days to come to terms with the decision and without fail; I began my journey into YouTube land. So now, I can explain what Shanna has to do with all of this. Well, yesterday was editing and uploading day and before I could even begin to edit the video, the doubt began to sink in. The fear of not being accepted or worse ridiculed was clouding my judgement and confidence. My greatest fear is and was to not show up in this world and have people recognize who I am. When I realized this, a light bulb went off in my head.

Leadership has been something I personally have struggled with for years. If someone ever asked me if I saw myself as a leader, I would simply laugh. Yet, many of the people in my circle look to me for guidance and leadership. As I struggled yesterday, Metatron stepped up and asked, “When are you going to accept your role as a leader?” His question puzzled me so I responded with, “What do you mean. I’m doing what you asked me to do.” The conversation ended there and I continued editing and struggling with Shanna in the background. Fast-forward to the next morning, I am going through my routine of daily prayers and devotions and I pick up my oracle cards to draw a card of the day.As I begin to shuffle the deck out pops one card, ‘Wise Leadership’. As I sat and looked at the card, I realized that I had already seen and drawn the same card earlier in the week. I pulled out my journal and there it was my journal entry from three days prior. Clearly, I was not understanding or listening to the message.

The oracle card that popped out of the deck
Celtic Goddess Epona

As the realization hit me, Metatron showed up like magic. I began to ask myself some deeper questions, clearly questions I failed to ponder for fear of what it might mean and how it might affect me. It was not until right at that moment I realized that I could not see myself as the leader because I did not believe I was a leader. Being a leader meant having to lead the way, even in moments when I did not know where I was going or what I was doing. Leading others is scary and something I never wanted to do, yet here I am leading with my words, and interpretation of the angel’s guidance. I began to understand that being a leader does not necessarily mean others will follow; it simply means being a leader in your own life.

The angels and Metatron were trying to tell me to take ownership of my wants, and desires. Yes, I was given instruction and I was doing as I was told but the ultimate decision on where to go, what to do, and how to go about it was all mine to make. When spirit provides you with the guidance, it is given to you as a stepping-stone. It is simply to nudge you in the direction or your highest good. So now, I ask all of you… have you been asked to be a leader? Are you the leader of your own life? Many of us simply follow others when we are all born to lead. We each have the ability to lead our own lives and shape our own destiny.

Leadership is defined as, ‘the action of leading a group or people or organization.’ My definition of leadership is not to lead others, it is to inspire, motivate and encourage others to be who they are, and accept themselves just the way they are. Being the leader of your own life means, you need to show up and step into this world with a strong sense of self-worth, dignity and confidence. You need to believe in who you are and recognize that no one outside of you can change that. As I began to understand the angel’s message on wise leadership, I knew exactly what needed to happen with Shanna. You see, Shanna was simply acting out because she was afraid of not being a part of the team and she was bored. I quickly asked to speak to her and reassured her that as the leader of the project it was my duty to assign roles. I invited her to collaborate with me and if she wanted to help, she could. She now understands the importance of her role in my life. As for this new YouTube adventure, we are now working as a team.

Where do you need to step up and be a leader in your life? Do you have a ‘Shanna’ that needs some reassurance or guidance? If so, all you need to do is reassure him/her of their importance in your life. It is important to listen to those inner goblins because they are valid and have purpose and meaning. The angels want to say the following…

“Do not be afraid to show up in the world. Be who you are meant to be. Do not apologize for who you are or what you do. Accept yourself. Be yourself and love yourself. Recognize that you are the leader of your own life. Lead by example, and when in doubt lead with blind faith in what you do and say. Never doubt that you are stronger, wiser, and more powerful than you believe. This is your time. It is your time to lead the way for all of humanity. Be leaders and soon your leadership will pave the way for generations to come.”


The world as we know it is changing. It has been in a constant cycle of change for years, but now it is almost as if this change is indefinite and infinite. Late at night during my prayers and reflection, I find myself pondering a multitude of questions. Some are my own and others I feel are a part of the collective.  During these times of quiet solitude, I find myself asking God and the angels’ some of those questions floating around in my mind. I find it fascinating how similar the questions are even though they are a mixture of my own and the collective. Due to the similarity, I then ponder even further. We all ask ourselves questions daily. We think of the questions in our minds but never verbally ask the question. Why do we do this? Is it because it is part of our nature to simply ponder the questions, or do we suppress the asking because we fear hearing the truth, which might not be what we want to hear. Alternatively, do we simply move on and forget such questions.  I believe many of us do a bit of both. Some of us are too afraid of hearing the truth even when it stares at us right in the face. Then the rest of us never take the time to ask ourselves the deeper questions. Do we simply not care or is it because we have that small part of us that fears the infinite possibilities of so many unknowns. From my own personal experience I can safely say, that hearing the truth is much harder than facing the unknowns. Since the beginning of this whole debacle we are currently in, if you’re wondering what I am referencing, let’s just say it is regarding our current situation. When this all began back in February, yes, you heard me correctly; the angels have made one thing very clear.

“Let go of the fear. Let go of your worry about tomorrow. Your world is not ending as many of you think.”

– Angels message through Eileen

When I first heard this, I had no clue what they were referencing until I turned on the news. You see, I have no desire to watch the news. Usually, when I say this people often wonder why, but the truth is (I should say my truth is) I cannot handle all of the negativity. The media has grown so used to inundating us with nothing but negative news. Once I saw what was going on it was like instant radio waves hitting me all at once. The flood of human emotions was flowing rapidly and intuitively I could feel the distress and fear. Despite what you might think, this is how I know when something big is happening. When the emotions hit, I could hear the angel’s message and immediately I was filled with a sense of peace. I wish I could say it was something I could describe but it is something you must feel in order to understand what I mean. Regardless of how I felt in that moment of chaos and fear I knew we (humanity) were going to be fine. Knowing this and expressing it to others is complicated and a whole new venture for me. I somehow feel now more than ever that God and the angels wanted me to share this message.

“Your world as you know it is ending. To you it feels like a complete and utter end but let us reassure you that it is not the type of ending you believe. All things must come to an end to deliver a new beginning.”

– Angels message through Eileen

This is their message to you, to us, to humanity. When messages like this come through, I’m often torn on how to deliver the message. I guess in many ways I am still struggling on showing up in this world as an intuitive, as an individual who talks to angels and has a duty to share their inspiration. So, when moments like this show up, I find myself sitting alone in a quiet room. I close my eyes and allow the racing questions to flow freely in my mind. Then when the noise in my head gets so loud, I begin taking in deep breaths. I begin to count them one by one and eventually the only thing I hear is my breathing. It is in these moments of silence I get the brightest bits of clarity I have ever known. It is in those clear moments that I begin to see and understand their messages clearer. In that vast space or stillness and quiet I ask one question… How do I move past the fear of being judged and facing hardship for being who I am?

In the slightest whisper imaginable I hear the word ‘Transformation’.  In that serious moment I blinked and thought, “This was a serious question. I didn’t want to hear about transformation. This isn’t Transformation Tuesday!” I am sure by now you can see I am quite sarcastic and sassy. My mouth always got me into trouble as a child. Nevertheless, the angels repeated the same word. The dictionary’s definition of transformation is a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Isn’t that what most of us are feeling right now? Even though I am not watching the news, I still feel the energy around me. There is fear, uncertainty, concern, worry, and tons of doubt. Now let us go back and bring this all together. I doubted what I heard because I didn’t want to hear the truth. For many of us, this is also true. It is almost as if we would choose to suffer than hear the truth or reality of any situation.

Believe me when I say, there are many people in this world who love the chaos. It is almost as if they need it to survive, but for those of us who want change, or we wish for something better we want to believe that something better is on the horizon. We want the change, but we continue to stay on the same path of suffering. Why you ask. Well from my perspective, it is safer because it is what I know. It is easier for me to hide who I am as an intuitive, so I don’t have to fear being judged. Right now, humanity feels as if they are experiencing an end of some sort. For some, it is the end of a job as they knew it, for others it can be something entirely different. Our world has been turned upside down and in the blink of an eye it changed just like that. Humanity is being forced to live their lives in completely different ways than they once did. We now have a choice to make. Do we continue on the path of suffering, or do we seize this opportunity and change for something better? The message the angels want to give you today is to,

“Recognize the choice you have made today and in this moment. Your perception and belief in suffering is optional, it is a choice. Many of you are feeling a sense of loss, or you feel as if there is a void in your life. That feeling or emptiness you feel is a space for you to create something better and new. Know that while everything looks grim from where you stand know that there are many things happening in the background that cannot be seen by the human eye. Pain is something that happens to all of you, but suffering is a choice. To suffer is to believe thoughts that are not a part of your soul’s truth. When you start justifying, analyzing, or rationalizing your beliefs it pulls you further from your soul’s wisdom. When this happens, you begin to blame yourself, others, or any event or situation on your feelings of anger or sadness. The anger, or sadness you feel is a form of suffering. By focusing your attention on that suffering it only cements the ideology or belief that created it in the first place. Put simply, you become what you fight against.”

– Angels message through Eileen

So now the question is, how do you begin to listen to your soul’s wisdom and relieve yourself of the suffering? You begin by transforming your behaviors, which in turn transforms your actions and with time and patience your beliefs transform into something new. Instead of focusing on the things that are wrong in your life, or who hurt you, or all the negative in the world; why not focus on all the beautiful things in your life. Change starts with you. It starts with your day, your actions, and your thoughts. Transforming a belief doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience, forgiveness, and repetition but it all starts with what you choose to focus on. Forget about the world and all of its chaos for a moment and focus on you. What are the things in your life right now that make you the happiest? What brings you joy? What makes you smile? Bring those things into your awareness every day. Use them as reminders to choose joy over anger or sadness. It is important to note that your life stems from the beliefs you practice the most so this is about you helping you. For one day don’t assume anything about anyone or anything; just expect the best outcome possible. This is the approach we must take for our world right now.

We cannot change the past, but we have the power to change the future. I don’t know about you, but I want a world where we are all treated equally. A world where love and compassion is center to our way of living. A world where everyone and everything is accepting of you and me just the way we are. Where people can live their best life with no worries or concerns. A world full of abundance in health and wealth and full of opportunity for everyone. We have this power, and it is up to us to transform our way of life on this planet. Our world as we know it is coming to an end. Our way of living is coming to an end. The ways of the past no longer serve us, and it is up to us to transform our world into something better for the greater good of all. No matter where you are on this planet, who you are, who you love, who you support or what you belief; you all have a right to live your best life full of love and compassion. Yes, we all have differences in opinions but when you take away the labels all we have left is our humanity. The angels love you as do I, and I leave you with one question…

Where will you place your focus from now on?

Authentic Truth

Good Morning fellow Lightworkers. I had planned an entirely different post for you today but the angels brought something to my attention early this morning at around 3:25am and instructed me to change directions completely. Today we will discuss Authentic Truth and how understanding what it means for you, and what you need to concentrate on now more than ever. We have all heard the phrase or comment, “Live your truth”. What does that mean exactly? Do we even know? Do we even understand what that means for us? I pondered these questions this morning while I sat in front of the computer screen trying to figure out what to type. I literally began pacing the floor stressing about this post because I was not prepared to talk about authentic truth. Therefore, after one giant melt down I focused and brought in the angelic realm to help me get their message across to you.

It is important to note that as the creator of this blog, I plan and take pride in knowing that what I am presenting to you is of genuine nature. The content is original and specific to me and how I interpret the information given to me through the angelic realm. The definition of authentic is ‘of undisputed origin; genuine’. So at least now, I know we are starting on the right foot. I am sure by now you can hear my concern about how this post is going to come out but that is because this was thrown at my early this morning. Truth actually has three definitions and we are going to use all three. It is defined as the quality or state of being true, that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality, or a fact or belief that is accepted as true.

Authentic truth according to the angels is defined as a fact or belief that is genuine and original to you. Right now, there is so much going on in our world that many of us feel like we are in the middle of a giant board game. Many of us do not want to play this game but we were chosen and now we have to navigate our way through to the end. Along our journey on this board game, we are inundated with so many different obstacles that it is hard to know what is real and what is not. We have to make choices along the way almost as if you are playing a real game of Dungeons and Dragons. For every action or choice, you have cause and effect. As hard as it is for me to think of it this way, this is the reality of our world right now.

The angels suggest that our focus should be to discover our own truth and let others find theirs. This can be quite hard at times especially since we have so many different opinions and beliefs being portrayed on the news, the radio etc. The angels describe this as different flows of consciousness streaming in and out of our reality. When one person dips into that stream of consciousness, it very rarely tips the scales of reality, but image one million people dipping into that stream. Now we have a stream of consciousness that begins to take shape and becomes a reality. Once this occurs you then have other streams of consciousness conflicting with other streams of consciousness.

The streams of consciousness that fight each other forget that within their own stream is a belief or point of origin that is genuine and true to itself. Each stream fighting for superiority over the other instead of coming to the realization that each stream is valid and true on its own. According to the angels, we must remember and recognize that there is more than one truth in this world. Remember that the answers you seek exits beyond the beliefs you hold. We are all given a choice on what to believe. Instead of fighting each other on who is right or wrong maybe we should focus on what resonates with our authentic truth. If you try to convince yourself of your beliefs then the angels say that really is not your authentic truth. Your authentic truth will always fulfill and satisfy you. It is unconditional – meaning conditions do not have to change for you to live and feel your truth.

Our key takeaway today is we must learn to master ourselves and understand our own authentic truth. Let us stop screaming at each other about right and wrong and learn to accept and respect each other in our differences. When you change your beliefs and live in your authentic truth, your life changes to match your new frequency. The angels want us to be more aware of what we do daily. Focus on what makes your heart sing and expand. As you move through your day notice what gives you a glow of happiness. Do things that feel truthful to you. Be aware of your feelings, take note of the things you are doing, watching or listening to when you get emotions of anger, or sadness. You are the key to your authentic truth so be the master of your own stream of consciousness.

JOY – for the month of May

Every new year I ask the angels to give me a glimpse of what the year will look like. I do this so I can have a point of focus for each month. For the month of May my point of focus is Joy. I’ll be honest and tell you that when I first got this card I was a bit perplexed. I immediately dreaded the worst and thought, ‘Well, looks like that is going to be a rough month.’ After thinking it I instantly regretted it because I knew that I had just created a new point of attraction. Believe it or not, I’m human just like everyone else and while I have angelic beings who speak to me daily I still have my own journey.


Now that we are in the month of May, I took time to contemplate the message because I know it’s more profound than just finding something to be happy about. The angels say that Joy is your natural state of being. I look back in my life and found more struggle, pain and stress than Joy but the angels said, “That is what you choose to see.” For many of us, we simply choose our current state of being because we were never told we could be joyful. Now, the angels know that we aren’t joyful all of the time but the lesson and message here is to remember that we always have a choice to choose Joy. We make conscious choices everyday by picking what to watch on television, or what to listen to on the radio. Joy is the same way, we have to choose the frequency of Joy. The full definition of Joy is ‘a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.’ What memories do you have in your memory bank right now that can help you find that joyful spark in your life?

Earlier this week, I experienced my first moment of blissful joy. It was so exhilarating that I was smiling the entire day. This joy and exhilaration is still with me today. The angels say that when you experience joy from a place of compassion you experience Heaven on Earth. Even though I talk to the angelic realm I’m still learning to navigate my way through the entire spirit world. Two years ago I lost someone very dear and near to my heart, my grandmother. She was one source of great joy in my life and every moment with her was like Heaven on Earth. After she passed I struggled to feel her presence, feel her spirit, or even see her in my dreams. Earlier this week after countless requests to see her, physically see her I finally got my chance one bright morning. I woke up from my dream elated and nearly in tears. She was just as I remembered her but younger. In this dream she gave me a necklace and told me that it was her gift to me as I venture into this new spiritual path I’ve taken.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking what this dream has to do with the message of Joy so let me explain. I always asked the angels to let me see her or feel her and all they ever responded with was, ‘ of course’. When it didn’t happen I would get angry, even bitter to some degree. In my dream, I remembered my grandmother say, “I’m always with you, you just choose to not acknowledge me in your heart.” You see, everything in life is energy and some form of frequency. The emotions we feel are simply a response from the frequency we are emitting out into our energy field and to the world. By choosing to remain bitter, or angry about not being able to see her, I consciously made a choice to dwell in that space. To be joyful means you must consciously make a choice to be joyful. At first it simply didn’t make sense to me, because as an Empath I feel intense emotions daily. But, how often do we choose one emotion over the other? Many times we don’t; we simply stay in one emotion until the next one comes up.

Joy lives in your heart space, or as I like to call it the center of your being. In my moments of sadness and anger I forgot to call up my joyful memories of her to help align me with the frequency of joy. The angels say that when you choose joy you empower yourself to align with your inner truth. Although, we are only on the first day of this month, I wonder what other aspects of joy I might learn. I end this piece with one question and a link to my podcast that includes a meditation to help you find joy. No matter what happens in your day to day choose joy. What do you love, and what do you choose in your life?

Podcast link below . Nameste!


Good Morning fellow Lightworkers!

So far 2020 has turned out to be quite an interesting year. As of now, we are all under quarantine. This whole entire situation has pushed us out of our comfort zones in many ways. Many of us are working from home remotely, some of us have lost jobs entirely. Parents all around the world are home schooling their children and learning to experience the life of a teacher. We are all out of our comfort zones and yet we all express our reactions to this situation differently.

Since the beginning of 2020, the angels gave me a heads up that this was going to be the year of great change. Now, mostly when they provide me with this type of guidance I only look at it from my perspective. They have corrected me many times and told me to look at the messages of guidance and wisdom I receive from a global perspective. So here I am, stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and sharing their message with you.

Now, please keep in mind that I pray daily. I also meditate and have always had intuitive insight. The Angelic Realm is very real, and they communicate to those of us who wish to communicate with them. I’ve communicated with them since I can remember. I was the one person who actually had an imaginary friend that was 10-12 feet tall and always had a slight glow about them. They were loving and kind. They played me with me when no one else would and they were there for me when I needed them most.

When this whole pandemic began, I was guided intuitively to sit in my mediation cushion and just breathe. It was in that moment that I began what I would call a MAJOR download of massive consciousness. In layman’s terms I was being given instruction on how to share their messages with you despite my wishes of wanting to remain quiet about my gifts. So per their instruction, I began doing intuitive readings again, I created my own podcast where I share guided information on the angels, their messages weekly. Now, I’m here sharing this while in the background I am cringing.

This morning’s message is one that I was instructed to step aside and let them write through me so I channeled their message. Archangel Metatron has been the primary speaker lately so here is the message. I ask that you take with you what you want and leave the rest behind.

Dear Lightbeings,

This is Archangel Metatron, the angel of life. I come to you today through Eileen to deliver our message of oneness. Everything is connected to one ultimate source. The source, the ONE is constant, and stable in its being never wavering. It always is, and always was. When creating, it expands itself and whatever it touches it creates another being of itself; a being from the same source. You are all a part of that source. Source lives within you; but you’ve simply lost your way of hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing it is there. Source and its love and compassion for you is all around you. It’s in the tress, the birds that chirp every morning. It’s in the breeze that brushes across your face. It’s in your parents, children and family. It’s in the man that sits at the corner of the street begging for change.

It’s in every person, every being, both human and animal on this plane. Source whispers to you daily. Are you listening? You are all made in the likeness of this source, you simply cannot see it because you’re not seeing the truth of who you are. Source and the Angels are with you always. Now is the time to connect to the source that is deep within you. To connect with this beautiful, brilliant, golden light of source you simply start by looking within. Look deep within your heart and honor that part of you that is source. Let go of your fears about fitting in with others. Let go of the fears of judgement. Stop living your life through the eyes of other peoples perceptions. Feel the light source within you, hear the light source within you, see that light source, and BE that light source.

Everyone that is around you, is a part of you for you all are a part of the same source. Everyone is on the same path of finding their inner truth. You are all on the same path of ONENESS. Source accepts, loves, and cherishes you all equally. Source doesn’t see the color of your skin, your religious beliefs, your political choice, the person you love, how much you make, or where you come from. To source you are all the same. You are a part of the ONE. Remove the labels you have put on yourselves. Remove the chains and bonds you have put on yourselves. In this world, in this dimension labels only exist because you perceive them to be a part of your identity.

You are all of the same likeness, the same love, the same of everything. Listen to the inner calling of your heart. Listen to the whispers given to you by source, listen to its message of love and oneness. Everything has value. You have value. You are worthy of all that source provides and offers. Source is ETERNAL. Source is whatever you wish to call it, God, Buddha, Universe, Angels, etc. Source is one and the same to all. No matter what you call it, or align with know that source loves you. Source is always with you and there for you. Source is both outside of you and inside of you.

Source is both a part of you and is you. So in this time of need, of uncertainty, of discomfort listen to that inner whisper deep within you. Listen with your ears, your eyes and your heart. That calling, that whisper is where source reminds you that you are not alone. Source is here in the present, in the now waiting for you to hear its call. You are all one part of the whole, that whole is part of the source. Source is part of all that is and was, you are a part of that source expanded in both likeness and love being expressed in different ways. Acknowledge your differences but listen to your likeness and respond with LOVE.



There is only light

Every time we enter a new year we get excited about new beginnings, new adventures, and for some of us a fresh start. For me 2020 is a year of balance and creativity, imagine my surprise when I ask for divine guidance and get a message I’ve heard before and felt I was being played. “there is only light”, was the card I drew and while I sat in my chair and looked at it I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the message.

How often has this happened to us, we get excited about a fresh start and now that a new year has begun we hope for something different yet the message of divine wisdom is the same as the year before? Can you feel where I’m going with this? Despite being disappointed with the card I drew, I sat quietly and held it in my hand and asked for further clarification.

Everything in this universe and life contains a piece of light. The light is the source of all that we seek. How many times do we fumble around in the dark, looking or searching before we THINK to turn on the light? The truth is the light was never turned off, we simply couldn’t see it, even though it was there all along. This right here brings back so many memories of 2019 when I felt I was alone in the dark. When we struggle, or stumble we feel isolated and alone and many times we simply ask to be shown the way.

We simply ask for a light, but what exactly is the light and where does it come from? Many people fear the dark but the dark is simply the opposite of the light. I call my dark the unknown. The light is what we know and what we have experienced, it is what we often feel comfortable with and is considered safe. The dark is needed in order for light to exist. It’s a balance for one cannot be without the other.

You are never without the light, and you are never without the dark. When situations, circumstances, and life align in your path it is because you are in perfect balance in both light and dark – (the known and the unknown). You are both light and dark, you know part of yourself within this life and there are parts of you that are still unknown. This makes me feel better about how to face so much of 2020 that is still unknown to me. So I’m sure by now you’re asking, why am I sharing this with you.

Well, remember my question earlier about what and where the light comes from? The light is everything around and within you. It comes from the one place that ignites both passion and desire in our bodies, our heart center. Your heart is the center of where the light lives. But do not be fooled for darkness dwells there to. When your in the dark it doesn’t mean you’re lost of fallen off course. It simply means you must find the source within to light your way. Source is your happiness and joy, what creates your spark everyday? What brings you joy? Always remember as above, so below (light, dark – known – unknown). That which you see, you are, and that which you are, you see. 


Welcome to the light.