A new adventure into the unknown

Do you ever sit and wonder what your life would be like had you made different choices? At forty-two years of age, I find myself taking inventory of my life and while I can see progress I still wonder where I would be had I made a different choice. The interesting thing about this thought is the angels often say that you should never cloud your mind with the “what ifs”. I find this amusing because that seems to be the one thing we humans do constantly. Yet a part me of understands the reasoning behind allowing ourselves to wonder on the missed opportunities and such.

My life has completely changed since January of this year. Most people would be upset, bothered, or unhinged with all of the unrest and fluctuation I’ve endured these past 6 months. Despite the changes being sudden and thrown at me from every direction I find them inviting and comforting. These changes have been a long time coming. It has been something that should have taken place a long time ago but, I was not ready to face the challenges that lay ahead of me. Not many people would be able to look at my situation or circumstances from a place of joy, but trust me when I say I am as joyous as I have ever been.

I am sure many of you are wondering what I am referring to and are curious as to what new changes I speak of but I must lay the foundation of this story first. In the beginning of this year, a strong and powerful energy entered my life and pushed me in a direction I never intended to go. This powerful energy is more of an angelic entity and trust me when I say, this powerful force is one you simply do not say “NO” to. Metatron the archangel of life and ascended master chooses his students carefully and wisely. Not many are chosen and very few get passed his challenges and orders. He is an ascended master for a reason and although I knew working with him would be challenging I accepted the request and began my journey.

We all come into this life to grow and ascend into our true form. We experience harsh lessons here on Earth and sometimes many of us do not succeed. Not succeeding does not automatically make you a failure, it simply makes you stronger. It builds your character and ‘God Essence’ into who you truly are. When I was a little girl, I had visions of standing in front of large crowds with a giant spotlight in my face. Every time I had this dream I would wake up in tears because I was so afraid of showing myself to the world. I always knew I was different than most people I came into contact with and despite knowing this a part of me yearned to just let myself be seen.

Photo by Tasha Kamrowski on Pexels.com

Not many people can look at their life experiences and say, “I’ve lived an amazing life.” Yet, I sit here in my office typing this out with tears in my eyes because I am that one person. Every experience I have encountered and endured in this life made me who I am today. Those experiences molded me into the strong, passionate, resilient woman I see in the mirror every morning. Please understand that I did not live a plush or special life because I was connected to Spirit. I had bad days, horrible moments where I fell into deep pits of darkness. I have stumbled many times and on three occasions I pondered the idea of ending my own life.

The interesting thing to me is that each time I entertained that idea, someone would walk into my life and bring me sunshine and for a brief moment the thought would pass and I would be on course again. During the roughest times in my life I could never understand the reasoning behind certain situations or experiences. For a time, I felt the world and Spirit were playing jokes on me and in some instances I felt as if I was being kicked while I was down. Despite the struggle I continued with my faith and yes, there were times I strayed from it but, we all have at one time or another.

Photo by Inna Lesyk on Pexels.com

I say all of this because I am now entering a point in my life where I am now of service to God and Spirit. I have been pushed way passed my comfort zone and while having fears of being seen still haunt me, I know I am exactly where I need to be. Since our world entered into a state of the “unknown”, I have been working on me. I have been listening to Metatron, following orders and preparing myself for what lays ahead, not really knowing or understanding what I might be facing. It wasn’t until one afternoon when I was sitting in my office meditating that the vision of my dream from long ago resurfaced.

The vision was clear and I was told that a choice would have to be made. In seeing the vision, I smiled and laughed because I no longer held fear in it . In fact, I was quite surprised to feel a longing and desire for being in that vision and making it a reality. I took my time, prayed and decided that it is time for me to step into the unknown and make that vision a reality. So here I sit, preparing for my next YouTube video to drop on Monday and biting my fingernails. Once it is out there for the public to see, a new chain of events will be set in motion and there will be no turning back. In all honesty, I’m excited about this new adventure I am about to embark upon. As I said earlier, “It has been a long time coming.”

Know that I do what I do because it is my calling. I am meant to be a LIGHT in this world. I am meant to spark the flames of desire deep within your hearts and souls. Yes, there will be challenges with this new adventure but I have the greatest support system in the world. I’ve been through the fire and rose above that through the ashes so this will be a walk in the park. I invite you all to please visit my YouTube channel, subscribe, and share its content. If you don’t agree, then I honor you in your light and truth!

See you all soon with lots more content from me and others!